Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow synchronises asana (postures) with breath, to flow through yoga sequences. It focuses on movement, mindfulness, strength & flexibility.

Each class has a specific theme, where we explore yoga relating to the elements, releasing tension, the moon cycle, chakras etc. Suitable for students who have a previous practice in vinyasa yoga.

Gentle Flow

A slower paced vinyasa yoga class focusing on form, alignment, strength & flexibility. The class involves stretching & strengthening movements which are synchronised with the breath to create a mindful practice. Suitable for beginners & experienced students who want to revisit the basics.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga helps to stretch & strengthen the mind & body to prepare you for what lies ahead. We work on a series of postures to help with strength, balance & flexibility as well as focusing on breathing techniques to avoid any anxiety that might occur. Prenatal Yoga is the perfect way to take some time out to focus on yourself and connect with your unborn baby.

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga is an excellent way to help the body recover & mind adjust after birth. We focus on strengthening the muscles, regaining alignment & work on any joint aches that might occur. Importantly, you will also spend time connecting with your baby in a unique way, while meeting a community of other new mums.

Let's flow together.

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"With every session, Zileena's mantra is listen to your body and do what feels most comfortable at the time.  I have gained core strength, balance and a sense of calm.  

All my classes with Zileena have been online and she has nailed Zoom classes. 

Flowing with Zileena has been the best self care decision I made!"


"Each class feels like a retreat in my own living room where I am completely in my body & moving in ways that create spaciousness, strength & fluidity. I always feel like it's just the right level too - I don't know how you do that so effortlessly!"  


"Prenatal yoga with Zileena was everything I wanted it to be! Calming, zen, but I still felt like I was moving, stretching and working my muscles. Zileena was amazing with her instructions for how to reposition myself so that my body was in the correct posture for the pose. Her calming and soothing nature put me at ease instantly and allowed me to immerse myself into the practice. Thank you for everything you have done for me."  


"Zileena is amazingly calm and zen, and this shines through in her classes. I love the focus on correct technique and form, and the constant reminders to meet our bodies where they are. I always feel more balanced after her classes."


"A quick note to share how much I enjoy your Saturday morning yoga class. Thank you for helping me stay grounded during these strange times."


"Zileena has a very calming presence and inspires relaxation. I've enjoyed the thematic classes and her focus on grounding and inspiring openness." 


"I love the way you teach. I have learnt so much about my form just by listening to you & watching you. You're very calming & I felt like I was completely submersed in your class & energy!"