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Strengthen Your Intuition in 14 Days!

Tune in, strengthen your intuition & find more alignment & flow in your life.

Call it inner voice, intuition, gut, heart. Call it what you like, you know it’s there. It’s that feeling you get, that tingling in your fingers, that voice that guides you. Your intuition is beyond your conscious mind - it’s the voice of your inner being.

It’s your most powerful source of knowledge.

In this workbook, you will discover:

  • how intuition expresses itself
  • a simple guide for tuning in and accessing your intuition
  • 14 actions to take for the next 14 days to keep you on track
  • space to note observations & reflection

Tuning into your intuition will allow for calm, alignment & flow in your life. 

What People Are Saying:

Giving my inner voice freedom to speak to me was revelatory and gave confidence to things I had felt but not understood, things which I have contemplated and wrestled with. But now having listened to my inner voice I feel I have the assurance to embody these contemplations, and the strength of peace to persevere beyond the limits of my mind.


I had such a wonderful inner voice session with Zileena. She helped my mind to feel safe, calm & relaxed so that my inner voice could actually come through.