Allow your life to flow.


A range of Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Prenatal & Postnatal classes, suitable for all levels of fitness, & stages of pregnancy. Both online & in-person classes are available. 

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Holistic Living

Holistic Living facilitation sessions are designed to help you step outside of your mind & explore the innate wisdom that lies within in order to find more ease & alignment in life.

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Wellness Membership

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Join our membership program for yoga classes, meditations & wellness initiatives on demand - any time, any where, suitable for any body.

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 "Take a holistic approach to your life, finding the connection between mind, body & soul, and live your best life, ever. "

A child of the world, I was born in the UK, grew up in Singapore, (really grew up in Australia), fell in love in South Africa, became a mama in Kenya, & I now live in Dubai!

I've always had a lust for life, yet like many of us I was searching for answers to the big questions! The what & why of existence! I found myself looking to other people, reading books, taking courses ... only to find I still wasn't any closer to the answers. 

It was once I stopped searching & started looking within that things shifted. I started focusing more on myself & listened to my inner voice, my intuition. And everything started to align & flow. I naturally started living a more conscious & intentional life. I became more comfortable in my skin, more confident with my decisions & generally a more content person. 

I now live my passion & intend to help as many people as possible live theirs!

Let's flow together. 

Get in touch to schedule a private yoga session or for more information on coaching programs.  

Tune In

For just $22, strengthen your intuition in just 14 days & find more alignment & flow in your life.

Tune In provides you with a workbook with guidance on how intuition expresses itself, daily actions to take in order to strengthen your intuition, space for observation & reflection, & most importantly HOW to access your intuition.

Download Tune In now for just $22 & notice how your life shifts to calm, alignment & flow. 

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Wellness Membership.

Yoga is about the mind & body, the soul & heart, the connection with yourself & something unexplainably larger. 

Glow Shala is a lifestyle brand with the ethos that everything we feel, everything we are is accepted & as it should be. Yoga is its foundation, but Glow Shala invites you to explore so much more. 

On demand.

Yoga classes focusing on strength, flexibility & connection of varying duration & level. Wherever your mood takes you today, we have a class for you. 


Written material on mindfulness, yoga techniques, mantras & much more, so you can hold YOURSELF accountable! 


Members will enjoy a discounted rate on all yoga courses & Intuition Coaching sessions. 



Membership includes:


  • Yoga classes
  • Creative themes
  • Varying durations
  • Guided meditations
  • Weekly mantras
  • Wellness worksheets
  • Unlimited access 

*all amounts in US dollars. 

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Let's flow together ... any time, any place! 


"I love the focus on correct technique & form, & the constant reminders to meet our bodies where they are."


"I have gained core strength, balance & a sense of calm coming out of each class."


"Zileena has a calming presence & inspires relaxation. I’ve enjoyed her focus on grounding & inspiring openness.”


"Each class feels like a retreat where I am moving in ways that create spaciousness, strength & fluidity."


"Prenatal yoga with Zileena is calming & zen, & still feels like I am moving, stretching & working my muscles."


"Zileena helped my mind feel safe, calm & relaxed so that my inner voice could actually come through."  

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.

– Cicero

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