Holistic Living.  

Discover the synergy between your
mind, body & soul.


Call it inner voice, intuition, gut, heart. Call it what you like, you know it's there. It's that feeling you get, that tingling in your fingers, that voice that guides you. Your intuition is beyond your conscious mind - it's the voice of your soul, your inner being. It's your most powerful resource of knowledge. 

Through Holistic Coaching sessions with me, we will connect with your inner voice & explore your own innate wisdom. Find this trust & you'll find peace & understanding in all areas of your life. 

In our sessions together, we will go beyond your mind’s perception of your self, your life, your relationships, your business, & find the abundance that is rightfully yours. 

If you're feeling stuck, unsure, on the tipping point of knowing you're on the right path & want to find more alignment in your life, that is your inner voice calling out to be heard!

Dive Within

One-off 90 minute session.

Dive Within is a classic inner voice session where you will go beyond the mind's perception of the self, to receive personalised guidance from within.

I will provide guidance on how to connect inwards, access your inner voice & trust what your intuition is guiding you to. We will spend the session connecting, listening, experiencing, releasing any blockages & learning from your innate wisdom so you can find flow & alignment in your life. 

Stepping outside of your mind & diving within is perhaps the most special (and important) gift you can give yourself. 

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Grow With Intention

Grow With Intention is my signature course for entrepreneurs looking to find abundance in their business or anyone wanting more alignment in their lives.

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Intuitive Mamas

Intuitive Mamas is my signature course for mothers, where I help you connect with your inner voice, your inner being, to listen to what it has to say on parenting topics that the mind struggles with.

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Grow With Intention

To find true flow in life, the triad needs to be in alignment – the mind, body & soul all need to flow in unison.

The soul advises us on where we could be, the mind has a plan on how to get there & the body actually gets us there!

Grow With Intention is a personalised 5 week coaching program where we explore the wisdom of your inner voice to cultivate a plan that your mind & body are in alignment with.

The first session is a 90 minute pure intuition session - we connect deep within and see what your inner voice wants you to know. This session is the foundation of all subsequent sessions (60 minutes) where we will go through various exercises to ensure alignment across all areas of your life in order to see you & your business thrive.

Through the course you will learn how to access your intuition, understand what your inner voice wants you to know, take mindful & creative action on how to implement this in your life, release any blockages that are preventing you from moving forward, and discover how to use your own innate wisdom to grow.  

You will receive a workbook with space to reflect, set intentions, visualize your ideal life, and place action where it’s needed.

Your intuition brought you here; are you ready to let it take you to where you want to be?

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Intuitive Mamas

Long before there were books, theories & experts, there was a mother’s intuition. Your intuition as a mother is truly your superpower. 

In the current information age we live in, it’s become ingrained in us to research every area of our lives. Motherhood is no exception. There are blogs, podcasts, courses, theories, opinions, on how to raise your child. I am here to tell you that everything you need to know about parenting can be found within YOU.  

I’ve always been a highly intuitive being, yet when I first became a mother I lost absolute faith in my intuition. I felt at a complete loss, utterly helpless, and as though I had no idea how I was going to ‘raise’ a child. But once I learnt how to access my intuition & started to explore within, I understood that everything I need to know about parenting comes from within me. 

Intuitive Mamas is a 3 week group workshop where I help you connect with your inner voice, your inner being, to listen to what it has to say on topics that the mind struggles with.

You will learn to access your inner voice (maybe even your inner child!), trust your intuition, strengthen your relationship with your children, develop the tools to help your children connect with their inner voice & trust that everything you need to know about parenting, is within you.

Forget about the theories, let’s ask your inner voice what is best for you and your child!

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A gifted, beautiful facilitator. It felt safe & Zileena guided me into a deep connection with my inner voice. I immersed feeling oneness with everything, especially myself. I highly recommend Zileena to anyone looking to dive deeper for the wisdom & healing that lies within. 


A wonderful experience! Zileena is a warm, great listener & excellent guide. I highly recommend this modality for anyone who is interested in learning about their Inner Voice & what you really want & desire. 


I had such a wonderful session with Zileena. She helped my mind to feel safe, calm & relaxed so that my inner voice could actually come through. 


Giving my inner voice freedom to speak was revelatory and gave confidence to things I had felt but not understood, things which I have contemplated and wrestled with. But now having listened to my inner voice I feel I have the assurance to embody these contemplations, and the strength of peace to persevere beyond the limits of my mind.


Zileena is a gifted facilitator. She will guide you gently through the process, skillfully helping you connect with your Inner Voice. I feel very comfortable and confident that she can hold space for anything that came up for me. My impression is that she has a strong connection to her own Inner Voice so she's intuitive and helped me go deep.


Zileena is an excellent guide and I felt I could be completely myself. 

Working with Zileena was a very enlightening experience. It helped me unlock some fears but vitally find the solutions. I highly recommend working with her!

Complimentary connection call.

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Sign up for a complimentary 20 minute connection call for a customised approach to holistic living and how we can work together to ensure you align & thrive in life! It's really that simple!  

"The answers to all life's questions are within you."

 Jess Lively